Sunday, February 12, 2012

"That Guy"

"That Guy"
24" x 30"
oil on canvas
Amber L Bailey

I had an exciting break from painting women! There are some really great things going on in this paint and the subject was fun. His expression is intriguing and when I first started laying out his face, I actually laughed out loud - in a good way. I was reading an artist's statement recently, of a local painter I admire (Tony Wood). He was saying how there is a symbiotic relationship between the artist and his/her subject. I found the idea interesting ... and true. I find that every painting I do has its highs and lows... and I react accordingly to what "happens" on the canvas. This was a funny reaction...and I think this is a really fun piece. The more I paint, the more I discover what my paintings are about. Some of them are more like little narratives - that's how I'll label this one. Others represent more abstract ideas. I have painted portraits but I wouldn't say the majority of my paintings are portraits. I paint people, sensuality, sexuality, emotion and objectification in the same way that a landscape artist paints valleys and plains. On the fun side of things, yes, I'm drawn to the contrast of a bright red lip against a blue background, the color fuchsia and fashion magazines - but there is a theme and voice to my work. Hmmm...

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  1. I remember seeing this painting on fb and really liking it.Great personality and thought provoking post!