Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Memoir Writing

So, two days have passed and I haven't painted. I work full time plus I have started two "continuing education" writing classes. My first class was last night. It's a memoir writing class. I am in the process of writing my own memoirs and when I found out about this class I immediately signed up. Class went well. It's going to be interesting sharing my own stories and hearing unique stories from my classmates. I just so happen to be the youngest member of the class by about 50 years...so it's going to be interesting to hear stories from everyone who has so much more life experience than I do.

So, that is my reason for not painting, however, I am looking forward to my next painting. I have thought about doing one more still life and then doing a portrait or figurative piece. It's Tuesday...still have a big chunk of this week left to go, with work and writing, so I've got to fit in some art time!

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