Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Arts in Jacksonville

I'm excited! I signed up to join the Art League of Jacksonville in painting a mural in downtown Jax on Washington Street. It's one of many recent initiatives by groups coming together in Jacksonville to support the arts and help them grow. I can't wait to see what the Art League of Jacksonville can do next, and I plan on helping.

And, I mentioned Carol Marine in a previous post...and I learned that she is represented by Corse Gallery here in Jax. She offers workshops and I plan on attending her April 2010 workshop! I can't wait.

Now, as for my personal endeavors...I've spent (or should I say wasted) so much time working on my website, that I haven't worked on a painting. I was happy to get some figure drawing done the other night, but I would really like to become what is now called a "daily painter" so I better get to work. For now, I will post some older figure studies of mine. I love them! These were quick 10 second gestures. They are a fun exercise and they force you to see the figure the way it is...and to put it on paper without second guessing. Stay tuned, I plan on doing a small still life next and posting it soon.


Quick Figures II
Amber L. Bailey
Charcoal on newsprint
18" x 24"

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