Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Fifth Tiny Face

I have to add again..that these faces aren't all that tiny, I think I just like calling them that. haha. They're 5"x7" and oh so fun! Here is the latest one.

This face is so incredibly exaggerated - but that's the point! That's what these faces are about - exaggerated, idealized beauty. And, hey, they're just so fun to paint and so fun to look at...particularly when they're all lined up together like this:

Pretty maids all in a row! I'm hoping these are all dry enough to show at Art Walk this coming Wednesday, June 5th. Also, I ordered new post cards with Golden Girl on them, here they are:

I also checked out a nice little gallery space today, at which I'll be having an opening on August 3rd. More information to come on that.

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