Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Silly Self Portrait"
16 x 20"
oil on canvas
Amber L Bailey

        I told myself I'd do a series of at least three self portraits. A friend of mine took some great pictures for use as reference photos that I'd be silly to waste. I'll see if I have the attention span for one more of these, haha. I chose my floral curtains as a back drop and it has made for interesting paintings that are a nice change from my normal one color backgrounds. I did several silly poses and expressions that should make for fun paintings.
         When I started this "series," if I can call it that yet, I wasn't concerned with getting my likeness accurate...I just needed reference photos to work from. I must say I've come pretty close without forcing the likeness...maybe this will carry over to my next portrait of someone else, ha. The photo here does not show the loose brush strokes as I'd like it to but I must say this painting, along with "Lady in Scarlet," are what I strive for in my work and are possibly my two most successful paintings as of yet. I shoot for loose brush strokes, vivid color and bold contrast...a painting I don't have to force. This fits the bill.

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