Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Tonight was one of those nights I couldn't seem to get off the ground with my painting. A little discouraging. This is a drawing I started with (in burnt umber) that I rubbed out. It has character I suppose.


  1. Yes, it does have character. I'd love to see your process...maybe post one step per day??I also like the reddish tone in the color of the underpainting, ...it doesn't look like a flat umber, but one I'd like to try

  2. There is something strong in its simplicity. I like the sepia look of the colors. The expression that says, I could be somewhere else doing anything else. That makes it a little uncomfortable to me, but in a way I think that is a good thing, because it is stirring an emotion in me. And after all, isn't that what art is supposed to do?