Thursday, May 6, 2010

"Alexis Surprise"

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Alexis Surprise
6" x 6"
Oil on canvas panel
Amber L Bailey

Another lucky person chosen from my Facebook friends list, ha. Alexis Cone, talented musician. My camera has a mind of it's own. Does anyone have tips on photographing paintings? This is like a totally different painting than the "real life" version. Sorry Alexis, you moved too far away, I'd love to show you your portrait in person. Anyhow, this is Alexis. I call it Alexis Surprise because of the obvious expression. However, it is part of a photograph that I cropped. The photo has a story of its own. I'll leave that to Alexis. I really enjoyed this painting. I think it's my favorite yet of these small portraits. Alexis made a great subject with her big eyes and pillowy lips. Really though, if anyone has tips on taking a good picture of a painting (other than taking it outside because even that doesn't improve the quality much), please comment! Thanks!

I have 4 of these small portraits completed, I wish I had time to do one every day! It's amazing how working all day long cuts into a person's life, haha. I laid out the finished ones on a table and got to thinking how awesome they would look as part of a bigger mural of squares...I think this project is going somewhere.

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  1. I have suggestion on photographing your paintings...

    Ask me to do it Amber. I am a photographer, and I actually have some experience with shooting flat art. For anyone interested in viewing my work, I also have a blog here...

    As for the painting, i love the look on her face. She looks like someone was about to put a bug on her! Great choice for a portrait Amber!