Wednesday, April 28, 2010


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6" x 6"
Oil on canvas
Amber L Bailey

I have started a project that I think is going to be a great exercise and fun for the people involved. (It's a secret.) I randomly picked this picture of my junior high school friend, Mandy, to paint. She has no idea I painted her...yet. This is another one of my small plein air panels. It was a fun little piece to paint.


  1. You are really on to something here. Nice painting...aren't the small 6 inch panels fun?

  2. Another very nice portrait. Just love your composition in this one.

  3. Yes Linda, they are so great! And thanks for your compliments! I enjoy your work too :) - oh and my mini moo cards have been a hit.

  4. Hi, I really like the bold style of this, but the style doesn't overwhelm the portrait. very nice. yesterday's post is the same...nice.i thin you've found a good match in using these panels